“You can't afford not to use this tool.” — Kevin Maude, CEO of Beyond Home

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After inviting your staff, see data pour in and trends revealed as your team responds anonymously every week. We curate and ask all the weekly questions so you can focus on improvement and results
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Cheers for Peers and Virtual Suggestions capture the recognition, extra effort and little things that are often overlooked by leaders. Now see who is receiving kudos, when you provide recognition and when you complete reviews. Viva the small stuff!
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Cultural magic begins when feedback is shared back so employees know they've been heard. We make it simple to edit, click, and share each TINYpulse™ to spark dialogue and positive change.
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You can't improve what you don't measure, so we repeat the Happiness question once a month to create trends. This complements each week's TINYpulse™, which provides low hanging fruit and longer term opportunities to improve. Benchmark your organizations performance against other organizations.
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1% Product, 1% Time

All workplaces should be great, which is why 1% of our users represent deserving non-profits that enjoy our product for free. And our neighborhoods should be great places to work too! That's why we donate 1% of our time to volunteering in our community.
My team looks forward to TINYpulse every week because they can be honest without any fear. The best part about TINYpulse is the Cheers for Peers section. Every week our team gets to pat each other on the back and really let someone shine.

Amy Balliet Founder & President, Killer Infographics

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TINYpulse is a great tool that really sparked interesting conversations within our organization! Employees that have been wanting to discuss various issues but maybe were intimidated to do so, can now voice their concerns in a safe anonymous environment.

Carrie Nelson Human Resource Specialist, National Science Foundation

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